Thursday, January 05, 2012

Meet Amelia and Nolwenn

Meet Nolwenn and meet Amelia the protective dreamer
I will try to explain in short why and how.... The first time I met Nolwenn was last year, I don't even know anymore through which other on-line-art friend, but I read that she was looking for a name for the Innervoices-girls she paints. And she chose my suggestion (Nixies) -YAY !- and then she sent me a print of my choice as a thank you......:) 
And then in December I saw a photo she posted on her Facebook page
and I felt drawn to paint this beautiful face, probably because of those eyes, it's just a feeling I sometimes get. So I thought it would be kinda nice to join her with Amelia, make those two dreamers one. I hope she'll like it, I added a few subtleties, I'm gonna send it off to her tomorrow.
Thanks Nolwenn for the inspiration xoxo
If you like this style of portraits, I am available for commissions, just contact me here   -And don't forget to enter my Blog Give-away too, the winner will be drawn on 9 January ! (I know I added lots of links in this post, I am a curious person and like to share all the fun background information with you as well)


Anonymous said...

all that you do becomes amuzing..amazing and such a wonderful journey.. but then again I have told you that...miss you.. glad you popped by.. ♥

Nolwenn said...

This is just amazing. I am speechless ! I am going to share it, if you don't mind (?).

I am so happy you like Amelia.

Thank you <3

Jaime Haney said...

Hi Joyce! WOWZA! I love your style of work :) Nolwenn (beautiful face and name) will be thrilled to get this, I know I would. It's just beautiful as is hers. So glad we've stumbled upon each other, I'm your new stalker as well ;)

xx Jaime

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Gorgeous faces! And thanks for all the links I love checking them out. :)

Angela said...

Your work is amazing! I'm so glad I found your blog. Beautiful :-)

Cameron said...

Beautiful, Joyce....what a wonderful mesh of the two....and you have captured her eyes so perfectly!

Luna Art said...

Wonderful painting, I just love your style, so ethreal(SP?). I hope you loves her wonderful gift x