Saturday, June 27, 2009

facepainting the kids and shading faces

This week has been all about faces for me.
I shaded faces galore for the Petit Dolls and I finished painting the kids this afternoon with facepaint.
I watched the musical CATS with my daughter this week when my Son was having his dress rehersal for Drama class performance, so she really wanted to be a Jellicle Cat ! and well, an 8 year old boy only wants to be dangerous, so he chose to be a vampire.....and pulled a face to go with the act !

Monday, June 22, 2009

~~ Madame Butterfly ~~


Here is the line drawing that I chose for Petit Dolls

to use for my coloured project.

I will post her progress here for you all to watch.


I just did this thing about which card belongs to you

Have a look at my card on the bottom of the page,

there is a link if you want to do your own.

I am "the Star"


I always knew I was a dreamer:

Teachers; parents and just-people have always told me .....

...I like to float on this little cloud of mine...


Saturday, June 06, 2009

New page in my Art Journal !

Yesterdag I went with my son's class to visit the museum. They have a topic this term about the history and indigenous people of New Zealand, so they were going to find out more about that. I got really inspired by the traditional Maori Moko (= Tattoo) So back at home, having brought the kids safe back to school......I grabbed my Art journal and made a quick entry with collage and loads of Maori colour and curly stuff. Hope you like it, it gives me the right feeling, allthough I want to revisit the Maori Art again, 'cause it's so inspirational.

Oh, and another thing....after my son's rugby game this morning, we're gonna wash up and see the matinee show of STOMP !
>>looking forward to it !!!!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

"Let me have some room"

First page attempt in my Art Journal, inspired by Suzi Blu after watching a couple of her youtube vids.