Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween


A little strange to you Northern Hemispherers, but if you read my last post, you know: it's warm here now 22 °C (72 F)  This year the kids wanted to be Sally from Tim Burton's "Nightmare before Christmas" and the Plague Ghost with a steampunkish face mask. So "in between" all else that I have going on at the moment, I managed to whip up the leather (okay imitation-leather) mask and the dress and after work today, facepaint Sally (without time for a proper dinner of course) to go trick or treating with the kids and get sweets and lollies instead. Oh but it is fun though, seeing them proud of their dress-ups and stuff. It's good to be a creative mum :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

HalloWeenie Beach Party !

ominous beach scene

Welcome to my HalloWeenie beach party
Jackooooo got lost
Who the bats am I kidding ?

When we just arrived at the beach....

I love Halloween, I love everything about it, the colours, the decorations, the fun stuff, the creepy stuff....... I didn't grow up in a HalloWeenie kinda country though, but still it was Northern Hemisphere and fall and all and the feeling was right. Now I have been here on the Southern half of the globe for quite some time now and eventhough I dress up the kids and we go trick or treating with some friends and some people actually do celebrate Halloween, it's soooo different in summer weather.

So this year already, I had a hard time getting into the groove so to speak, also I had (have) a little artistic block feeling and I started to make some guardian Angels and I love the Angels at the moment, so who am I really kiddin' here ? Trying to make myself go all Halloweenie this year doesn't feel "on the menu" Today I went to the beach to try and find more nice driftwood for my Angels, I did take little Jackooooo with me though and set him down in the dunes......He didn't look too happy, so I built him a haunted cave structure

.......still not too pleased. I went looking for some friends for him....and I did find some beaut bones and potential creeps among the driftwood

Before we got to know them.....

 just lookie here: I think he enjoyed that last little bit of the party the best...... I contemplated leaving him behind as a sort of abandoned art project, but his face just yelled out at me ! There's always next year !! Keep me, we'll make some great celebrations then ! So ok he went home with me again and I will add him to the other orange decorations in the house ;)
Happy Halloween y'all !!!!

see them creeps I found ?

Of course we have to guide you to the other party makers in this amazing Halloween 2012 Party scheme
Do pay them a visit as well, there's a whole list,  just follow the link here
- be careful not to get too dizzy ;) -
and thanks so much Vanessa of "a Faciful Twist" for organising this event again


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Drift Angel -iv-

This Angel is the largest so far, she is on a piece of driftwood 14x85x6 cmI needed a little time to see her in this piece of wood, but when I did I got quite excited. She is soaring the skies with her hair trailing behind her, she looks a little like a superwoman or a wonderwoman. 

She has a ring on the back for safe mounting on any wall you wish (above a door or on a mantelpice, I can also see her on a bed-head for a brave girl :) Contact me HERE if she's the one for you ( US$80 +P&H)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

from the Pumpkin Patch

Just a quick little diversion of my guardian Angels
-seeing we are counting down to Halloween 'n all-
Here are two little friends from my pumpkin patch ;)

Madame Noir

"JackOooooo!" is 23x12 cm woodburned on driftwood and then stained and painted. "Madame Noir" is a cute miniature (10x5 cm) piece of smooth driftwood and again woodburned and painted

contact me HERE

Drift Angel -iii-

Drift Angel -iii-

This lovely Angel carries a heart
she is on a choice piece of driftwood 24x6x2 inch (62 x 15x5cm) 
She's sold already (Thank you !)
 She found a lovely home together with Angel n° 2 
For those who were wishing for an Angel, I think I might have some more Angels inside of me 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Drift Angel -ii-

Drift Angel -ii-

Here is my latest Driftwood Angel. Part of the of Angels I want to make for the festive season this year. She is on a piece I found on Mount Maunganui Beach last Sunday. She is 50 cm x 12 cm and is woodburned in (I love woodburning) and then painted. She also has a metal ring on the back to hang her with wherever you wish. 
And yes, she can be yours 
anybody interested can message me HERE at this stage.
She's sold, Thanks so much !
For those who were wishing for an Angel, there will be some more to come 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Drift Angel -i-

Drift Angel -i-
I want to make many Angels for the festive season this year. All kinds of different ones and I had already done the little Choir Boy cloth+clay doll a little while ago. Now on Sunday I went beachcombing for some driftwood and today I woodburned an Angel in one of the pieces. She is about 35 cm long (haven't measured her precisely yet) She has a ring to hang her with on the back. And yes, she can be yours for US$ 40.-  I just have to sort out postage for her yet, so anybody interested can message me HERE at this stage. I will list her properly this weekend if she's still available. 
She's sold, Thanks so much !
For those who were wishing for an Angel, there will be some more to come 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Modigliani play and a daffodil

after Modigliani's Madame Zborowska

' Daffne ' - girl with daffodil in her hair
Yesterday, the last day of the schoolholidays and eventhough the weather was not super, the kids wanted to go to the beach, so we did. And it was great, there was a strong seabreeze, I combed the beach for some choice driftwood and it really cleared my head. At night I made these two little portraits, one girl with a daffodil in her hair and another a play on Modigliani's Madame Zborowska. Both done in Fresco style, plaster of Paris on cotton calico substrates. After Saturday's debacle, they at least gave me back the feeling that I could make somehing worth looking at again.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Old Bird

Here is an "old bird" I made a few weeks ago, but I never did anything with her photos yet. And since I am EMPTY !!!! and frustrated I thought to share her with you today. After two weeks of busy kids art classes during the sachool holidays I got drained of energy and did not get much creating time myself, then yesterday I thought, yeah ! just me in my studio.....I'll go and make something nice today, and guess what ? I messed up again and again and nothing looked good and I threw everything I sketched in the bin and scraped off all the encaustics I attempted and now I feel lost

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ménage à trois artistique - Klimt in Hundertwasserland

"Klimt in Hundertwasserland"

So this all started with me wanting to make something for the Klimt challenge at the Trodden Path. I was very short in time, because at the moment it is schoolholidays and I teach art classes for kids everyday both am and pm, so not much art-time for me these 2 weeks really. I was also reading up on some art history and techniques and stumbled onto Friedensreich Hundertwasser (again)
Of course I had heard of him before, because this Austrian artist moved to New Zealand and made the (world-famous-in NZ ?) toilets in Kawakawa that came in the news just recently, because they need repair work. Well Hundertwasser was inspired by Klimt and since I now am inspired by both these men, I call this drawing my "ménage à trois artistique" ( loosely translated : artistic household of three ) - The golden robe unfortunately does not show as well on the photo -

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Great opening

 The opening of the new Lightwave Gallery was a success. 
Turnout was wonderful and great atmosphere. 
And...Medusa has found herself a new home, yeah !

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Ladies to the Lighwave Gallery

New home for these ladies
I have brought these lovely ladies to their new residence yesterday. They got nailed to the walls and will be on display in a new gallery here in Tauranga. Grand opening is this Friday ! Very cool, hopefully I get to share some pictures from that event afterwards. Oh and let's keep our fingers crossed for some of them to be adopted too ;)