Monday, December 31, 2012

Teaching at One Little House in 2013 and the Traveling Art Project (T.A.P.)

 I've GOT NEWS ! 
I am going to be teaching at One little House

-the newest Ning on the block-

Check it out, launch is 01-01-2013 
It will be filled with all kinds of Art and Craft
so exciting times ahead for expanding your creativity
join now ! Just click the link
 See you there

...and I will be running this from One Little House as well, so another reason to quickly join the gang there...I have been thinking about this for quite some time now. I stumbled onto the traveling painting videos ages ago and was intrigued by this concept. Somehow I never found out what it looked like in the very end. Maybe it all took too long, or maybe not everybody posted videos. Anyway, I thought of throwing this idea onto your work benches and see what you think. There will be these guidelines and I have tried to keep it all "do-able" for everybody:  
T.A.P.2013 will start in January here at my studio in  
Middle Earth (you know.... New Zealand, but since Tolkien's books were made into films here we are all a little Hobbit-mad)  - Anyway, I will start with the first layer on an A4 size canvas board (this size is not too bad to send around) I will photograph and/or video it and blog (and Facebook/Twitter) about it and then I 'll post it to the next recipient in the last week of the month at the latest.
So the next artist will have it for February, will put her (or his) layer on and make a picture or video of that stage and send it to the 3rd artist etc. etc. The last person in December will then send it back to me :) and I will make sure to share it in an AMAZING blog with all your names and links of course :) All players will also receive a print of the finished painting at the end as a token for their time and effort in the project. If this sounds like a cool idea to you, message me, obviously there are only 11 more spots to play this game :D
Who's up for it ?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Things to share

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with loved ones.
 So now I can share two things that were Christmas presents and that I could therefor not share with you here on my blog.
Firstly the Angel I made for my Sister with her two dogs :) 
and secondly Zeus ( part two in the commissions of the Gods - remember I did Poseidon last year ?) And now I will start making some new stuff again, I want to make another one in the Umbrella series (the red one sold before Xmas as well)

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Oh I am so excited ! Double excited, see my smile ? Imagine an ear to ear kinda smile :D  * I finished my commission yesterday just in time for Christmas follow this link but also...the book that I have been working on the bookcover illustration for made it to Amazon (Kindle edition) as well !! Yeah !!! So now you can get it just in time and have yourself a great Christmas read ;) Okay the FACTS : the author of this story 
"Guardians of the Shimmer - part 1 - DreamTime
is Garth Lawless this is his first book, the first part in the story of three books in total. He's already writing the second book as we speak. This is young-adult fiction and I loooove the story {obviously I read it....and, okay I am maybe not a "young" adult anymore, allthough inside, you know me, I am still Pippi, haha ...} The edition available for now is on Amazon and is for Kindle {other format coming soon too} And the printed version with more of my illustrations inside is planned for publication in March 2013. He also has some childrenbooks written and still to be illustrated by 'moi', if I keep doing good work....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

exploring the ocean

You all know I have been making many Angels lately and they fill me with a hugely blessed feeling. Just check out my Angels at my Table for all things Angelic I make. It is also summer here though, yes, still feels funny around Christmas time, but summer is also nice, I love warm weathe, it means beach and sand and sea and ocean and mermaids of course. So I diverted just a little last week when I was in a sunny mood and made this "Dot" She turned out rather sultry and especially with Mr.Pink Flamingo I helped my student make. Check them out together, almost looks like true love ♥ {hehe} I promise my next post will be more Christmassy and I will keep the "hot stuff" for after those Festive lazy dayz ;)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Aroha - an Artdoll

Meet Aroha
She really evolved while I was working on her, she started as a calico doll bodice on wire legs on a block of mdf.I added some clay and she got her striped tights, oh btw she has perky little boobies and a heart ♥
Then when she needed clothes, this cloak sort of happened, so I finished her of as a little tribal Maori-like doll. I have a little sweet spot for her...named her Aroha, which means "Love", 'cause she just LOVEs those tights, hehe ;)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sculpted Angel

"Angelo Italiano" , that's what I called this 10x10 cm canvas with a 3D sculpted image of a vintage kind of Angel made with my homemade papermache. There are two more to join this guy ♥

Friday, December 07, 2012


I will never really understand people..... This art healing doll I made and called "Hurt" carries a bit of my soul obviously. Yes, I would have sold him, but instead he's been taken and that doesn't feel right. I hope he'll get wrapped up nicely and put under a Xmas tree somewhere, to help someone else get a bit of healing. Still.....I never got to hand him over and give his little "birth" story to the new owner ....

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

to the Square Foot Exhibition

These paintings have gone to the"square foot" exhibition, opening tomorrow. Both have a yummie beeswax toplayer ! For all of you in this neck of the woods, come to Creative Tauranga Gallery downtown :)
Umbrella series - " Stranded " -12 inch square

Umbrella series - " One Lily in the Pond " - 12 inch square

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mother and Child

I had a few very strange pieces of wood, they took a while "watching" before the Angels showed themselves and I could start "pulling" them out of the log
Mother and Child 48 x 11 cm
Angel Lisa - detail
Angel Lisa 60 x 16 cm
Tall Flower 62 x 8 cm

Monday, November 19, 2012

Flock of Angels

I love languages and I can start on little journeys when I am not certain which word to use for certain things, Like this one: What does one call a group of Angels, Drift-Angels to be precise ? Because the driftwood originates from the sea, do we call them a shoal or a school ? or, because they fly, do we call them a flock ? I go for the latter I think. This pondering aside, in time for Christmas shopping, I delivered a flock of Drift-Angels to Turners Gallery in Te Puna today, together with the horses and an abstract. If you're in the area, do pay them a visit, I saw loads of gorgeous things.
Happy Xmas shopping ♥

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Special frame times two !

make a gif

Somebody asked me if I would sell Madame Zborowska. Yes I would, the little problem -if you want to call it so- was that I had painted Daffne on the back of the cloth on another layer of plaster ;) So....I came up with this frame, a spin on a floating frame, but this one makes it possible to enjoy both sides or one side today and another tomorrow (or change with the seasons, Daffne looks more like Spring or Summer and Mme Zborowska more like Autumn/Winter ) So these ladies in their special frame are 34 cm square (= approx. 13.5 inch square) and the price is US 155.- + p&h. 
Great gift for Christmas !  I you like them, message me

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Minis at Gallery 59

These four little fresco's went to the Minis exhibit in Gallery 59 this week
The photo's I took are very fuzzy, I took them with my celphone. We made floating frames for them which I think is cool ! Fingers crossed I sell them :)

Friday, November 09, 2012


She is available for sale
 30x7 cm - contact me :)
US$ 40 + P&H

I have made a seperate blog for the Angels, follow the link here:

Friday, November 02, 2012

~ new Angels drifted on shore ~

Here are a couple new Drift Angels of mine, they are both a little lighter and -b- is a little smaller and are both up for grabs. Just email me :)

Angel -a- 
40x11 cm / 15.7 x 4.3 inch

-sold thank you-

and Angel -b-

35x6 cm / 13.7 x 2.3 inch

approx 20 cm wide - Sold already - thank you !

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween


A little strange to you Northern Hemispherers, but if you read my last post, you know: it's warm here now 22 °C (72 F)  This year the kids wanted to be Sally from Tim Burton's "Nightmare before Christmas" and the Plague Ghost with a steampunkish face mask. So "in between" all else that I have going on at the moment, I managed to whip up the leather (okay imitation-leather) mask and the dress and after work today, facepaint Sally (without time for a proper dinner of course) to go trick or treating with the kids and get sweets and lollies instead. Oh but it is fun though, seeing them proud of their dress-ups and stuff. It's good to be a creative mum :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

HalloWeenie Beach Party !

ominous beach scene

Welcome to my HalloWeenie beach party
Jackooooo got lost
Who the bats am I kidding ?

When we just arrived at the beach....

I love Halloween, I love everything about it, the colours, the decorations, the fun stuff, the creepy stuff....... I didn't grow up in a HalloWeenie kinda country though, but still it was Northern Hemisphere and fall and all and the feeling was right. Now I have been here on the Southern half of the globe for quite some time now and eventhough I dress up the kids and we go trick or treating with some friends and some people actually do celebrate Halloween, it's soooo different in summer weather.

So this year already, I had a hard time getting into the groove so to speak, also I had (have) a little artistic block feeling and I started to make some guardian Angels and I love the Angels at the moment, so who am I really kiddin' here ? Trying to make myself go all Halloweenie this year doesn't feel "on the menu" Today I went to the beach to try and find more nice driftwood for my Angels, I did take little Jackooooo with me though and set him down in the dunes......He didn't look too happy, so I built him a haunted cave structure

.......still not too pleased. I went looking for some friends for him....and I did find some beaut bones and potential creeps among the driftwood

Before we got to know them.....

 just lookie here: I think he enjoyed that last little bit of the party the best...... I contemplated leaving him behind as a sort of abandoned art project, but his face just yelled out at me ! There's always next year !! Keep me, we'll make some great celebrations then ! So ok he went home with me again and I will add him to the other orange decorations in the house ;)
Happy Halloween y'all !!!!

see them creeps I found ?

Of course we have to guide you to the other party makers in this amazing Halloween 2012 Party scheme
Do pay them a visit as well, there's a whole list,  just follow the link here
- be careful not to get too dizzy ;) -
and thanks so much Vanessa of "a Faciful Twist" for organising this event again


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Drift Angel -iv-

This Angel is the largest so far, she is on a piece of driftwood 14x85x6 cmI needed a little time to see her in this piece of wood, but when I did I got quite excited. She is soaring the skies with her hair trailing behind her, she looks a little like a superwoman or a wonderwoman. 

She has a ring on the back for safe mounting on any wall you wish (above a door or on a mantelpice, I can also see her on a bed-head for a brave girl :) Contact me HERE if she's the one for you ( US$80 +P&H)