Monday, January 31, 2011

One World One Heart 2011

Hi I am Joyce, welcome to my Art Blog
I am not much of a talker, I am a dreamer
I believe in fairies and meadows full of songs
and flowers and rays of sunlight.
I was born in the Netherlands and moved to New Zealand about 16 years ago. This is where I had my kiddos, a boy and a girl.

I am a Mum to 2 school aged kids, life partner to a great guy who lets me play with my art supplies and a visual artist, I love mixed media in many forms. I enjoy sketching, painting and drawing faces and human forms, but I'd love to start tackling more animal
For this year's One World One Heart (my first one)
I started making this painting
...but I haven't finished yet...
I call it "Treasure Earth"

I will be adding more layers to it before the OWOH finishes on February 17th. That's when the winner will be drawn !

So, if you like where I am going with this and would like a chance to win this painting,
leave a comment to this post

with a way for me to contact me if you turn out to be the lucky winner !
(I will post the process and the final shot of course)
Oh, and it's open to bloggers worldwide,
but you don't have to come all the way to New Zealand to pick up your prize, haha !
I'll send it out of course.
step 2:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

open spaces

So I have the big panel on the easel
It's the biggest so far
and I wanted to go bigger
I think it's time I did
I'd pencilled in the composition
I see it all the time
it sees me walking past
I am afraid to start

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ron Mueck Sculptor Exhibition

Today I went to see the exhibition of a great sculptor named Ron Mueck
The works were just AMAZING !!!!
If this ever gets to a place near you, I strongly recommend you go and see this.
I was really impessed.
I will put a few pics here, but do check out his work it's breathtaking !

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My latest Book is here !

Yay !

Here is my self published 2010 Collection of Mixed Media Works Book

I made a small clip, so you can have a look-see what's in it

Monday, January 17, 2011

Surprises and Fun things !

There are a few nice things that have happened
and that I want to share with you all.
I got my first Blog Award !
Thanks to Darlene Pringle / the Dancing Mango
♥ Thanks Darlene ! I feel very special :-)
So the thing about receiving this award is that I have to spill 10 things about myself that some of you don't know, so.......
1- That Pippi Longstocking in the sidebar is me
(when I was a bit younger)

2- I was born on the other side of te globe from where I now live
3- I have one sister
(on the other side of the world and I miss her)

4- I speak 4 languages and can understand
and talk a little in a few more

5- I love scuba diving
6- I am an Aquarius
7- and a Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac (you do the maths)
8- I love spicy food
9- and have a sweeth tooth
10-I have 2 adorable kids

also I get to nominate 7 creative blogs for this award
mind you I could nominate many more, there are so many lovely blogs around, but these are a few of my favs, so yes I am nominating 8...
My Art Journal - Diane Salter
Milda Malin - Malin Walkeby
For the love of little things - Jane Davenport

Borealis Shine -
Sol Santiago
Doings of Doone -
Donna Louise Rogers
Ottilias Veranda -
Eva-Liisa Eriksson
MegansCreativeBliss -Megan Suarez
Journey of a Mermaid - Goog G

Each of you can pick up your AWARD and post it to you blog, linking it back to me and tell ten things about yourself we did not know.. then choose 7 blogs of your choice.
Thank you.. Enjoy my friends..

another great thing that happened was that my folks came to visit
(yes from the other side of the world)
I found out about the Strathmore FREE online workshop
(Pam Carriker's Visual Journaling class)
by reading Jane Davenport's blog entry about this workshop,
so I signed up, yeah !
and I am so very much looking forward to starting with that class
And so the new year has hardly started
and I am already looking for that "Time-Tree"
(ummmmm, that "Money Tree" would be great too hahaha)
anybody has the seeds for a tree like that, or knows where to acquire them?
But hey, go check out some of the blogs I nominated, it's awards time !!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

♥ LOVE ♥

Here are some ATCs I made for a swap at Borealis Shine

The theme is "Love"

and a little outside of my usual colour-scheme,

I made them pretty pink

hehe, who would have thought ?

Now that I have my big easel, I am excited to tell you that

YES - I have put the first lines on my BIG wooden panel

This year I want to try out:

* Larger sized works

* Colours I normally would not pick

* Different styles

* Other/more mediums

and I am also working on a book

So that should keep me occupied huh ?

Thursday, January 06, 2011

An Easel of my own....

I got spoiled again
Santa spoiled me with this marvelous easel
It's a Mabef - Beechwood - made in Italy
it was a great
second hand deal
I am sooooo happy !
now I have placed a very large panel on it
for an idea that's been spinning around in my head for a while
It might take some time, this new project,
but I'll post in-between shots I promise.....

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Contemplating..........................Nature vs Nurture...

Here's the latest journal entry in my Mermaid Journal/Sketchbook
I've been working on this one off and on for a little bit now
and I think I finished her
She is thinking about beliefs about drawing and art
and about Nature vs Nurture
... or...
does someone have a gift for creativity
or can it be nurtured /taught ?

I have written in her hair:
every spot part of my shadow~
every line it's own meaning~
HOW could an Artist live without ?""My first Art teacher in Highschool wrote in my poetry booklet:
If one wants to draw, one does not need to have talent
but curiosity and warm attention for everything around"So I used a small copy of this on my right page, to remember this.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year !

To all my Blog followers and other visitors
I wish you all a Happy Happy New Year !
Here in Kiwi Land we're already 2.5 hours into the New Year,
I just got back from a BBQ+party at friends
and we had a great night together...

A wonderful start to a promising year ahead.

I'll go and have a sleep now, but thought I'll share with you my New Years Wishes and some pics of Sparklers, just because I really like the little stars that jump off these sticks and Oliebollen (they're the doughnut type yummie balls us Dutchies like to have on New Years Eve)