Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Backlog sharing continued

with the house and quote stamp -Suzi stamps from "Stampavie"

 On with the backlog sharing..... Yippieieieieieieiieie ! I won Glycérine's all-together-now-giveaway ! Yeah !!!! Can't believe it ! Can't wait to see that painting for real...... Oh another thing I have been doing quite a bit is playing with stamps {making them from foam, great for the kids art classes btw} carving them and mounting them on woodblocks {see some here} and then I received Suzi stamps from STAMPAVIE that I won in another giveaway, yeah yeah yeah yeah ! THANK you Heidi !!!! So I did a spread in my journal with some of those, and because I have been playing a lot in my art journals too lately, I'll share some spreads here with you. Oh and my knee ?....well let's say, luckily I don't have to paint with my knees/legs..... 
Faces and Vases - right brain excersize

Colour and info-study page for my first table leg doll
First foam stmp I did....wasn't happy with the result
Playing with pink shades.....this appeared..hehe
Cupcake "study" for a little project -I am not this sweet + pink usually-
found a print of a painting I sent away in a blog giveaway a while ago
wanted to keep some "thing" from it....so turned it into a page.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some good ol' legs

Finished FAirY
Rather fitting as my own knee locked up a few times again and doesn't feel so good {softly said} at the moment. Nothing a bit of Counterpain cream and knee band cannot fix - hopefully, it's an old injury come-back :( - Well nevermind this, the good message I want to share is: a little while ago I thrifted 4 beaut old tablelegs 
aren't they just delish ?
the leGs !
  Anyway, I have started to turn them into dolls :) ONE is finished so far, a Cloth +Clay Gritty kind of TabLeleG-FloweR-fAirY, Another one's head is waiting to dry and 2 others are in the earlier wip stages. They are fun to make, take more time than I thought {but what art/craft doesn't ?} but all worth it in the end for me :)
have a look and if you feel like it, make one too !!!
head and petals on

first paint stage

Friday, May 25, 2012

Drumrolls......Ta ta tadaaaaaaaaaa !!!

I was in my studio and do not have a computer there, so no random.org generator, but I had the list of names, so I made tags, folded them, put them in my favorite cup and "scooped" out the winner...
And the lucky person is............


Glycérine !

Send me your details ma chérie and the journal will be 'on voyage'  to you :)

 Bisous xoxo

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homage to Frida Kahlo - Viva la Vida !

Continuing on my sharing spree, all wips and things around me not yet blogged about ta-da-tadaaaa

  I also have been making some Frida Kahlo related works, a little foam stamp:

  some ATCs:
a journal entry:
and a Mixed Media woodpanel {also see top of this post}
I used a challenge suggested by Gritty Jane on Facebook to try out my new liquid graphite {the journal entry} and some other techniques I had been thinking about. Are these my last Frida's ? Probably not, but thought I'll share them in the mean time. Viva la Vida !

Monday, May 21, 2012

Take a ride - wips and then some -

I am surrounded by "wips" (works in progress) It actually is the way I like to work, it inspires me and it pushes me at the same time. Sometimes it punishes me and smacks me right there too yes. I am also a master at procrastination, but I also never leave loose ends. This here now for me is a time for finishing these wips that clutter my peripheral vision now, I need to have a clear start for something else that is brewing again ('cause I also always have things bubbling, brewing and growing) So I have been making loads of stuff, for the gallery/studio, for the different classes I teach and just to quench all kinds of personal thirsts. So I will share these with y'all, spread over a few different posts, otherwise they become so looooong ...and personally, I find very extended posts harder to read. Anyway.....here is some stuff I finished lately: My gal, my muse, if you have followed me a while, you know my connection with her, my alter ego : ...
Pippi - on her bike, I call it "Take a Ride"
 started her on top of an ugly old painting of mine by collaging papers
 one of the pieces read "Dutch Bikes - Omafiets" so it had to turn into something on a bike

Sunday, May 20, 2012

All together now

So this is my All Together Now post and I am the proverbial white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland * I'm LATE I'm LATE I'm LATE !
So, I should be bragging about myself ? Well this is a wonderful start then isn't it ? I am uhmmm, I am  uhmmmm {hear me stuttering with shame}, I am .......{bright light of revelation!} ... Always FULL of ideas and inspiration !.... and therefor I get LOST or LATE with things, I never forget though, so I always come clean on promiseses and I always finish what I start, ..... it sometimes just gets delayed, in transit, left on the backburner for a bit.... whatever you want to call it. So, oh yes, the BRAGGING: I am wonderful of course, I guess I am proud of myself for always keeping going,  I will fall flat on my face and crawl up again and then I will trip and crash and get hurt again and ....you get it ....I will crawl up again and again and again. I feel a little like Katniss in that way, yeah, you guessed right, I just finished the Hunger Games book 1 {I gave up one evening this week to read it, because I needed to see if I could take my son and his friends to see the movie for his Birthday.....no, they're too young} So that's also the reason I am late with this post, I had to organise this Birthday party, the cake, the sleepover {house full of 11 year old boys now} etc. etc. So yeah, I started a new life yet again {if you wish, you can read about that page in my black book here} and so far I think I am on the right track this time, it means putting in lots of hours for very little at this stage, but at least I am doing something I love and that makes it all good. For those of you that don't know yet {really ? after all that I have been posting on this blog ?} I am a Mixed media artist, designer, teacher, gallery/studio owner now too and a mother of two incredibly cute kids {I love them to bits} and I have a partner-in-crime that is forever on my side {how lucky is that ?} No we never got married, because we preferred to spend our money on travels around the world and admit it, "living-in-sin" is so much more exciting, ha! Find out more about my new studio/gallery and what I do to make a living {here} Find out more about my collection of works {here} and if you like to be in to win this gorgeous give away {I have this handmade and handpainted journal, thought since I just had my nose deep in one, a book would be fitting}, leave a little comment, follow my blog, follow my FB page, I am everywhere. Gotta thank the www.
Have a great party, Yeah !!!!!!! 

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Scream - My Scream

This is an homage if you will to the world famous painting (or better yet, one of the 4 versions made, this one a pastel) by Edvard Munch, that went under the hammer and sold for $119.9 m. Enough to make anybody scream possibly, enough to last me and my little family the rest of our life, but never mind that. I just had to do a little "spin" on this myself, so here, tadadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaa: my SCREAM !  "aaaaaaarghhh !" (watercolour, gouache and pencil on 300 gram German rough tooth watercolour paper 12 x 16.5 inch )