Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crash and the Bad Dream

Ooohhhh, I had so many things I still wanted to post before the New Year and then, when editing some video material, the computer crashed and this was a MAJOR one and took FOREVER to get right. I still had the laptop (Halleluja) but all my images were on THIS computer....... so I will just make a quick post before we head into the countdown to 2012 (only 5+ hours to go here) Here I'll share a colour play I did in my journal yesterday....I had a bad dream this week that suddenly showed itself when I was doing this entry in one of my journals. So, I thought it was so fitting with the whole way I felt about the computer issue (up until this moment....yay ! the computer works again !!!! Thank heavens, I've got me such a wiz guy!) So ALL the other things ....I will post in 2012......see you then ♥

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Art Critics vs Making up my Mind

Here are two recent journal pages, one about Art Critics and the DOUBT
 'Is what I make ArT ?'
The little newspaper clipping shows a little boy opening the trash and shouting 
"Mum! Someone put my sculpture in the rubbish!"
underneath it says: Failing to recognise a masterpiece when you see one....
-how true-

the other about just Making up my Mind
Come on 2012

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Waiting to be published #1

 -A: a small canvas-
Here's the first of the non-posted items that had to wait for Christmas Day to pass. This one is about the Secret Santa I entered through Whoopidooings
 and I made some things for it, couldn't share them earlier obviously, I hope the recipient enjoyed what I packed up and sent flying on Santa's Sleigh accross the globe, (A,B and C) apparently she likes RED......
-B: a bunch of RED and JAPANESE/ORIGAMI related things-

 -C: and a little altered board book with more papers etc. in the back- 

I thoroughly enjoyed what I received ! I mean look at the gorgeous parcels and what was in them ! Love that quote by Tim Burton (I am a fan if you didn't know that yet...) "One Person's Craziness is another person's reality"
I feel so spoiled...... Thank you Carmen !

 another beautiful gift I got from under our tree and I really want to share is this little Eau de Parfum, it came in the most amazing box and the little bottle is divine too ! It's by John Galliano. Haven't even smelled it yet, was just too mesmerized by the packaging.....
Hope you too feel blessed and spoiled