Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I have a question for you, I am wondering, pondering, questioning....myself, the universe, I don't know, I don't often blabber a lot here on my blog, I am a rather personal person (I am an INFP and a 4), but this question burns....
 Does THIS happen to you too sometimes ? ...You start a painting, you have this idea, a framework more than anything start, it grows, then you get stuck - for whatever unclear reason- then you continue and you decide to add or omit something that you had planned for the painting at an earlier stage, and why ? not for any reason in particular, just because, because it feels the right thing to do and then the reason reveals itself and the painting starts to tell you all kinds of hidden secrets, stories that you had not made up for it, but it tells them to you nevertheless and they are not all pleasant either, or you suddenly see them and it creaps you out.....does that happen to you too ? ...sometimes ? Now, do I need to finish this painting ? or throw a sheet over it and leave it to keep its thoughts to itself and start something new....I wonder

Sunday, March 25, 2012

All TOgether NoW

I am down, I can't say more, when I am like this I don't talk much. I have works in progress, none finished to share. I did join AmY (a.k.a. Steve)'s gathering of fellow artists that's going to be on the 18th of May, a blog party kinda thing, check it out, it's called : 
All TOgether NoW 
Sounds uplifting, I need uplifting, so there, it's Sunday here and it rains and I feel like the painting I just posted here (an older one), just to have an image here too, (I like postst with images rather than just writing.)

All Together Now

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Paddy's Day and OPEN

 SCRUMTUOUS French Macarons, mmmm sweet Angels xx made by my man
 St Patricks Day and Multicultural Day at the Historic Village today
 I managed to open the doors to the Studio, only just, you don't want to see me now or feel like I feel....but we managed to do it ! Will go to sleep before midnight tonight and try to sleep in a little tomorrow. And then it is back to painting (the NICE kind, the pictures kind :)
Oh and the sign still needs to get up, and I still need to make more for the shop, little things that make a shop look complete.....but all in all, I think we did pretty well.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Distressing a sign

So I am still working on getting the studio ready to open on Saturday this week ( only two more sleeps...) Today I finished woodburning and painting the sign that is going to hang from the front of the shop building. But I wanted it to look "vintage", so when my -almost- 11 year old son got home from school, I gave him a piece of chain and told him he could hit it.....his eyes got really big..."you mean hit your NEW sign Mum ?" ...."yes"......"really ?"..."yes"......"oh, cool !!!!!!" so here he is, hitting the board hard ! (which little boy wouldn't like to do that huh ?)

 For my lessons, I also picked up a wooden table and 6 chairs I thrifted (did I tell you before, this project is a "on-a-shoestring" project ? Anyway, table is wonderful, but the chairs, the I grabbed some of my fabricstash and started pulling off all the fabric and now I am recovering them....'s gonna be all good !


Better have a little sleep as well, overslept this morning, blah !

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

♥ Mail and all cleaned up ♥

Busy, busy day again....beautifuil sunny ☼ and nice and warm. A day with a little star again too: Firstly I received this amazing altered domino book in the mail today ♥  I was the lucky winner in a blog give-away from Laura  at Artfully Musing (go on, click here and have a look, she makes wonderful things !)

and then I went to my studio/workshop and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned ! I just can't help it, I had to take another couple of pics today :) Telephone got connected as well and tomorrow I can start bringing in stuff, YAY ! Also there are videoclips waiting to be edited for the Fresco workshop (yes dear students, we are going to finish this large project as well ;) 


Monday, March 12, 2012

w-i-p everywhere

I have W-I-P's (works in progress) everywhere now !
I have one partly on the easel and on the floor 
(for the Fresco Workshop class)
I have one where the paintwork is drying after a weekend of doing "that kind" of painting and where I still need to majorly clean and put shelves or something and hang artworks etc.etc. and get the telephone line connected -tomorrow- and the electronic payment machine connected -on Friday-
(in the Young at Art Studio)
There are still things I need to order for the studio as well, phonecalls to make, kids to take to school, ballet, TaeKwonDo, music lessons. Thank my lucky Angels for my man, who helps me out and cooks me dinners !!! At this moment he is sawing a wooden sign that I will be woodburning and painting -for the outside of the shop- :) Yes we are hammering away !
 So no time for much blogging at the moment, they will be coming soon though...just watch this spot !

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Got the Key !

Got the key to the shop today ! So this is the cute little place where I will be having my ArT-studio/workshop/gallery and where I will be doing lessons as well ! So now it's cleaning, painting, decorating time.... exciting !
Come "Like" me on Facebook and follow the progress of "Young at ArT -downunder-" And of course it's the last week of my Fresco on-line Workshop, you can still sign up of course, classroom stays open a little longer and when you sign up now, you'll get immediate access to all information and lesson video materials. Have a GREAT creative rest of the week !

Thursday, March 01, 2012

In the box !

In the Box !
This could mean so many things.
Today for me there are a few things "in the box"
Firstly, I had the kids yesterday at my Art class paint their first portraits on cardboard boxes - this was my sample ↑ - to see what THEY made, visit my school-site - go HERE *
Secondly, I just received an email that I won the most GORGEOUS Domino book in a Giveaway at "Artfully Musing" - check out Laura's blog HERE *
Thirdly, and I will make a more elaborate post about this soon, I am almost certain to have a little shop/workshop/studio in this amazing place, for a sneak peek go HERE *
And that's all I am writing today, because I have a zillion things to do....
Have a WONDERFUL DAY !!!!!