Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fishermen and Seadogs

  I have been having me a bit of fun with some mariners and salty dogs lately ;) It all started with the idea of making a guardian or protector for my sultry driftwood mermaidens and some Ledoeufre inspiration. Once I start something, I can can carried away if I let myself....and so I are the men I created so far from some choice chunks of wood I scored on the shores......
the Sailor with Gull ~ 80 x 10 cm
"fishing for Orange Roughy ~ 58x14x9 cm" 
a little Orange Roughy hiding in the "cave" ;)
Fisherman's Catch ~ 57 x 10 cm

the Fisherman + 7 fish from this post (click)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Iphone cases and skins ... and more !

I have recently set up shop at Society6 and they have such great products, it is so excited to see my own images on Iphone cases and skins and pillows etc.etc.
Maybe you see something you like...just follow the clickable links and have a look yourself. You shop on-line and get the goodies delivered on your doorstep !
Any design of mine that you would like to see, send me a message ;) 

Friday, March 15, 2013

BAM ! ZAP ! * Astro Power * Super Boy !

 Another upcycled box for da boyz ;D
a vintage look for this superhero
 Check out all the sides

the inside is painted like space-sky *
 This box can be yours, email me here

The Fisherman and his 7 Fish


A "protector" for my driftwood Mermaids ;) He's a hungry seadog though with 7 fish (okay one eaten already) Inspired by Ledoeufre, this woodburned driftwood with rusty nails detail is 10 cm (4 inch) wide x 29 cm (11.5 inch) long / 48 cm (19 inch) long if you include the dangling individually handcut wooden fish. He's available for purchase at US $85 which includes worldwide shipping. Message me HERE ♥ ahoy !


Monday, March 11, 2013


Dwellings II 40x60 cm / 16x24 inch

Dwellings I 20x30 cm / 8x12 inch

With this warm weather (they call it a proper drought now) still going on here, I feel myself thinking about deserts more and more. I love deserts, they are not just sand and the ones I have visited were really beautiful, I have warm memories (pun not intended ;) These two mixed media works are very much inspired by desert-like, warm places... desolate... still, but the dust is flying in hot dry air....I really enjoyed making these, hope you like them too ♥

Dwellings II detail
Dwellings I detail
(they could be hung together as a diptych)
another one I made last week in pastels with some gesso, called 'Sinai'

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Kissing a Frog Prince

Here's another upcycled box I just finished
You know I have a thing for frogs...and kissing frogs ;)
So here's one of those.....dreaming for a prince
all sides




box inside - I added some gold glitter and a red heart before varnishing

Saturday, March 02, 2013

~~ She's like a Rainbow ~~

The Rainbow Box 
woodburn design and painted in the amazing technicolours of the rainbow. Okay, so I started playing along with Jane Spakowsky's 10 day challenge and thought it would be kinda cool to make me do the 10 paintings in pink hues, since this is a colour I do not often choose. But after 5 of those pink/purple works I needed some other colours....don't get me wrong I like all the colours of the rainbow, I have no issues with any of them, it's just that one seems to get used to using certain colours more often than others. So I made this box....and called her "She's like a Rainbow" thought that was fitting all this thinking about colours I was doing......It's a box with space for 15 paint pottles and brushes and pencils etc. in.It's 23.5x20.5x5.5 cm or 9.25x8x2.25 inch
It is for sale, you can message me here, I will have to check on the postage, but again I have to run now, this week seems so busy, but I will be back this evening..