Monday, September 26, 2011

Art for Sale

I have now also added a way for you to purchase my art right here on my Blog I add Paypal buttons so that it's easy for you to use your credit cards and I have included all shipping, so the price you see is the total you pay
"Easy peasy" as the saying goes here downunder :)

First one up here today is 
a 6x6 inch boxed canvas mixed media original 

gorgeous texture and dried flowers

Radical Self Love

A page I started with leftover bits of paint just randomly brushed on the paper. I pulled the shape of a face and the eyes from it and continued. This is what I ended up with. Preparing for better times, this girl is so tired and insecure. She needs some radical self love, a term I heard by Gala Darling.
Love yourself !

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grid Journaling

I did this latest spread in my Moleskine after I saw Milliande's Grid Journaling. I just wanted to give it a go as well and for mine I took details from Christchurch to fill the grids. So it ended up being somewhat of a healing excersize at the same time, saying an emotional goodbye to the city, my city for almost 17 years. It keeps forever the small details and skyline features that might not be anymore.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hauling up the HaGs

Here they come
Three HaGS on TaGs
Ready they are for HalloWeen
On their Brooms they will be seeN


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life Book

I entered the give away, wouldn't it be great.......
a whole year !

1) Click LIFE BOOK link in the sidebar 2) Leave a comment below saying "I clicked" 3) Share about this great give-away (optional) Draw...

Dusting off more memories

Well, you probably know I have recently moved house, and I am still unpacking and I keep finding these funny old things. Some I decide to throw away (why did I ever save them ?) others make me sit down and think for a while, remembering. These were some of those, they are a bunch of dry needle etches I made ages ago at high school with my Art teacher (he was a great man) I was allowed to stay after school and play with these copperplates and his precious etch press. I loved it ! I almost forgot I still had these and even with some prints ! One of them is a skull, I remember I got a real skull from somewhere (don't have that one anymore) but I etched theat skull into one of the copperplates. Very Halloween-y I know, isn't that a coincidence ? Anyway, before I start on some other boxes, I thought to share these with you.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dusting off the elixer bottle

I just read a post by one of my Wicked Witches Sisters, and she is the ORGANIZED one, the one that has ALREADY started with her Halloween preparations ! ..... Leaves me, the procrastinating one with too much on her head as it is already, to feel rediculously late again....But ! ......I do have something she covets, yes I do ! haha !I have the drop that makes me live foreverrrrr hehe ;) I will be concocting more and will come show you my pantry when I am ready for All Hallows

*this one is made by my faithful apprentice little T*

Friday, September 16, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow -by me-

Here's my latest entry I did in my journal. Partially done on the ferry between South and North Island and finished last night at my new home amongst boxes still to be unpacked.... I just had to do something creative, couldn't stand it any longer. The spread in my Moleskine shows a little how I feel at the moment, like jumping in a deep deep pool with my eyes covered and taking a plunge.....where will we end up ? Adventure and excitement, but also uncertain and a bit scary. I need to play art some more, maybe will find a bit of time tonight again.....but will start putting things away first now, finding places for all our stuff....need to get that done as well...

Somewhere over the Rainbow - by - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Love Rox

One of my girlfriends had her Birthday this week and she's one of those that really have everyting already. You know, the no kids-double income variety with Dollars to spare. Anyway, what do you gift someone like that ? Of course I made her one of my lovely canvas folded Art cards, but I wanted to gift a present kinda thingy as well....Then on top of that, with our BIG move just around the corner, many of my supplies were already packed and I just happened to see those rocks I found and collected a few years ago. We were then taking a walk in one of the riverbeds in our area and I noticed rocks in the shapes of hearts. "Mother Nature's tough love or Love Rox" I call them. So I took a lot of those rocks home, big and small and I paint them with little messages as gifts. So I thought this particular friend would fit one of those Love Rox and I painted it with red (she loves red) and dots (do I need to say she loves dots too ?) She LOVED the gift, that made me really happy :) She will use it as a doorstop or a paperweight. .....I need to go and search for more of those love rox, because I noticed that I only have 1 small one left....maybe I'll find some on my way up North ...
these are two that I made for Christenings of a friends 2 sons a while back