Sunday, July 26, 2009

Slava's Snowshow and portraits

I went to see Slava's Snowshow yesterday, It was WONDERFUL !!!!!
I LOVED it !! check out

so........I just had to draw this portrait of Slava the clown last night. This is still in progress, so check my posts to keep updated !

The Goddess & The Poet

My latests projects are portraits, they are all in progress still and in a wonderful thing called a "Moleskine" with beautiful creamy cardstock paper.
Just have a look :

Two grayscale studies and a Blue Boticelli Lady.

another "Doll"

Another Doll I just finished last week. She is on a piece of MDF from the garage !!

Inspired by the Twilight Saga books from Stephenie Meyer

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some finished mixed media projects

I'm in the Art-zone now, after about a, hmm, 25 year break I am back and enjoying every minute of it ! ♪♫ I sing all day ♫♪♫♪♫

Here are some images of works I have finished recently.
I learned so much about the shabby shabby stuff !.....
I cannot get enough of the drawing and painting process so I will be posting more images in time to come.

☼ Pippi Longstocking on 8x12 pine plywood.Coloured pencils and dripping inks; paints; paper collage; arnica flowers; teadied linen and beeswax finish.

♫♪♫Madame Butterfly on 12x16 pine plywood. Coloured pencils; paper collage and dye; paint; dripping inks; stamps;gold; silk; sequins; embroidery thread; tulle finished off with beeswax.

♫♪♫The Matryoshka Angel burned on 8x12 pine plywood and then I worked with coloured pencils and paint; stencils; stamps; goldleaf; lace; collage music scores and finally beeswax.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Mixed media

Here are some images of my first Mixed Media attempts.
They both are still in progress, so bear with me....

This is my very first woodburning attempt with a horrible heavy soldering device I found in the garage (I got a nice Walnut Hollow one on special the other day at the local Craft store, so I can't wait to start the next project)


The next photo is the Madame Butterfly story, she is way from being finished, but wanted to show you the progress: