Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home is where my Art is - or the cardboard box house

I made this little box for a friend's Birthday,
she likes houses (me too)
It was loads of fun and I really want to make more of those.
I used vintage lace around the roof edge and made each side differently

Monday, April 25, 2011

To Be or Not To Artist...

"I am an Artist, Suzi Says So"
You've heard this inspirational quote before ??
but of course !
it's by the one and only
you know her, admit it, there's no mixed media chickie who doesn't
She has this great giveaway happening on her blog,
but be quick !
You'll have to link back to her before Wednesday !
and she wants you to post the ridiculous badge
-with the babyhead- in the post as well
but you can win a $50.- gift certificate from
wow....wouldn't you want that ? I certainly would,
so here:Miss Suzi
here's the ridiculous badge with link to your Lovely Dream

nice to have you back in the cyberworld

Saturday, April 23, 2011

♥ Happy Easter to all ♥

Where I grew up this was a time of Daffodils
(and I love those so much)and Spring and all things bright and sunny.
Here downunder it is the time of falling leaves and toadstools
(and I like those a lot too)it is Autumn / Fall, but lucky us.
there are a lot of nice and sunny Autumn days here.
Today for instance it got to over 20 degrees Celcius, wonderful !
So good hopes for a lovely Easter egg hunt for the kids :)
aren't these felt bunnies a great idea to make ?
they're easy to do and I made a pocket for some chocolate at the back as wellHere are some Easter sketches, crafts and inspirations
(click on the pics or linkwords for some cool links)
Happy Easter everybody !!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Fur Baby

This is one of my few non-art related posts.
It's about our fur baby, Twinkle, she got her hind leg trapped on Monday and must have pulled hard to get herself free again. I won't go into details, but it looked horrible and we had to take her to the vet. Not a simple task, since our regular vet's clinic is "munted" (a very popular post-quake-word used all time time now to describe buildings and roads in our city that are basically completely and utterly ruined)
Anyway, we found one and got there in the end. One look at her and he said we had to leave her there for the night. Kids in tears on the way back home of course and worried sick if she'd be allright. She had to get an operation to fix it and to get it all stitched up again and luckily we could pick her up late the next day.
She was all wobbly and couldn't really stand on it for a while, but cats are pretty resillient (as will most animals be I think) and after a few hours she was "walking" on her funky purple and pink bandage. Now she has to stay indoors for 2 weeks, and she loves to be outside so much... she also likes to sleep a lot (or my son likes to photograph her asleep)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two chunkies for Sisi

I made these two chunkies for a "babyshower" at
Borealis Shine - Ning group.
Sisi is one of the creations by S☼l Santiago and she indicated a while ago that Sisi might be pregnant (she has a man in her life you see, his name is Samurai,
and ... so... the babyshower group started.

We all make a page or two in a colourful Zentangle kinda style to fit the original Sisi and Samurai works and then we send them to another group member DebMarie, who wil proffessionally bind them as a prezzie for S☼l
Great isn't it ?
My pages are flying to the States and will be added to the others for the little booklet. Sure hope she'll like them.....

Monday, April 04, 2011

Deerly Embrace

Remember I told you about the swap I was in with Cameron, well...
I finished my painting for her (see above) "Deerly Embrace"

It's Mixed Media on stretched Canvas 8x12
(inks, paints, crayons, pencils, inkpens, pastels, ferns, goldleaf, beeswax) I sure hope she'll like it. I got inspired by the toadstools that started appearing in our garden, it's Fall here now of course. Fairy Tale season and my daughter is certain that we have Fairies in our garden, because we have the toadstools here for them.
I hope they are there too ♥

-This time I wanted to try and see if I could get the painting to speak without painting open eyes-

I also received her parcel this week...tatatata ! I got all excited....
The envelope was already so gorgeous and everything inside was just such a lovely surprise as I unwrapped the yummie green tissuepaper (with sparkly dots) Out came the painting she did for me, but also loads of extra's ! She's such a great artist, look here:
I'm so happy, oh so happy....♫♪♫
Thank you Cameron, you're the best !

This week was busy and messy and we also had another powercut, so this parcel really made me feel great !