Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Mad Tea Party - Alice in UnderWaterLand

You're late, You're late
Why did you make us wait ?

Come quick, come fast
We're gonna have a blast

Follow me, flick that tail down and up
The party is starting, they already poured you a cup...
The invitation was sent
through the recommendation of an arty friend
It all started with a blogpost
one of despair rather than art, like I do most
She saw my little Alice spiralling down and away
and told me about this Mad Tea party - play

A larger idea emerged, a joint venture...

but first a little more about this adventure
My Alice loved water and one day stared down the pond
she dreamily watched the fishes and felt a strong bond
One day she jumped in, 'cause the fish seemed to speak
A funny fish it was, it almost had a beak
Or like a rabbit, it had two big front snippers

and Alice herself ... suddenly grew flippers
The fish took her down to a field in the deep blue sea
there was a table full of cakes and cookies and cups of teaShe partied all afternoon and well into the night
The creatures in this world were quite a sight
She wanted to stay forever to get to know them all
so she wished upon a (sea-)star by late nightfall
Let's hope she'll have her wish come true
so we'll get more stories of Alice in the deep Blue
Mad Tea Party - a Fanciful Twist

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dreamy Unicorns

I just finished these three Unicorns for a friend in the UK
(they are on 3x4 inch WC cards ~ slightly larger than ATC's)
She sent me a parcel in the mail this week and it was such a lovely surprise !
It brightened up my day - A bunch of her cards in a box and look at that glass bead!

Oh and click any of the pics to go to her site :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I ♥ hearts

just dreaming of good things, like heart shaped clouds and sunny days.....needing that a bit after Monday's events

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Funky Stool -a la- Dr Seuss

It started with a wooden desk I found on the side of the road with a "FREE" sign on it....had to take it home, had plans to restore and paint it for my daughter. Then when I was putting some primer on that, I suddenly glanced over at this very vintage little 70's Brabantia stool we had in the kitchen. One of those oh-so-easy little stools, especially if you have kids wanting to help out with baking and stuff. Anyway, the legs were chipped and ugly, so I thought I'll put a bit of primer on them as well. Voilá ! Now I have finished the stool, very Dr. Seuss-y, but still working on the desk (which I will share once finished)

Friday, June 03, 2011


and in the same way as the Red Robin, I did another one as well : a Silvereye (or Wax eye)

Red Robin

I am doing a few arty things today, so in between the "drying times" of other projects I started playing around with my Letraset ProMarkers in my sketchbook. I haven't used them much yet and want to get a feel of what they can do. So here: a little Red Robin, allthough not really red, because I don't have all the colours

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Where do I go ?

My head is spinning with thoughts and ideas and uncertainties and doubts, but also a neverending curiosity for what's about to come and where will I be going ?
I feel a little like Alice when she falls down the tree, this theme I once used to start making a series of ATC's that still remain a W.I.P. to this day. Maybe I should finish them and find out where I'll be taken next ?

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The blank canvas and the technicolours

Yes my canvas on the big easel is still blank and staring at me every morning. So instead I thought I'll show you my gorgeous box that I use to keep my Prismacolours in. It's an old cutlery box that I found in a small -but oh so yummie- shop last year. The top compartments are all for the pencils and the bottom drawer I use for my Pan pastels and some other harder pastel crayons. Doesn't it look great ? So, well I'll keep you posted on that canvas tough, the ideas are in my head....just have to get them on now !