Free Stuff ♥

I want to share lots and lots of stuff with you all 
-just for free, gratis, zilch, nada, niente
I may have to start small, but ...
 it will become more and more the free-er I get, so stay tuned and come back often to see what I have to offer :)
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smokeysmom said...

I very much enjoy your face drawing videos. You make it seem so easy, but I know it's not. But I'm trying. I hope you'll keep up with the videos, they're wonderful! So glad I found you!

Anonymous said...

I've started watching this video in the morning, but i was interropted, so i came back to see the other half part and the results(6 hrs later). Glad i did it.

Great way your way, your drawing is very inspiring and it's pushing to my studio right now. :)


Lesley said...

Wow this is a great tutorial. I have added some points of interest to my portrait drawing from your well laid out vid. Thank you soooo much.