Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some finished mixed media projects

I'm in the Art-zone now, after about a, hmm, 25 year break I am back and enjoying every minute of it ! ♪♫ I sing all day ♫♪♫♪♫

Here are some images of works I have finished recently.
I learned so much about the shabby shabby stuff !.....
I cannot get enough of the drawing and painting process so I will be posting more images in time to come.

☼ Pippi Longstocking on 8x12 pine plywood.Coloured pencils and dripping inks; paints; paper collage; arnica flowers; teadied linen and beeswax finish.

♫♪♫Madame Butterfly on 12x16 pine plywood. Coloured pencils; paper collage and dye; paint; dripping inks; stamps;gold; silk; sequins; embroidery thread; tulle finished off with beeswax.

♫♪♫The Matryoshka Angel burned on 8x12 pine plywood and then I worked with coloured pencils and paint; stencils; stamps; goldleaf; lace; collage music scores and finally beeswax.

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Julie-ann said...

Love, love, love these cute girls! Wow, so sweet!