Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sinterklaas ~ St. Nicholas ~ A Dutch Tradition

So we "Dutchies" have an extra sort of Santa Claus that visits early in December.
He usually arrives somwehere in November from Spain on a big boat with his faithfull helpers.
This children's Feast has songs and goodies and yummie stuff and ....Oh, the memories !!
If you like to know more read this:
or this:

Now, children of Dutch immigrants that live overseas enjoy the best of both worlds really.....they get the Sinterklaas tradition because their parents and grandparents try very hard to teach those kids about this wonderful Feast AND they get Santa with Christmas.
So yeah, my kids are amongst those lucky ones..... and my parents are sending the Sinterklaas treats to us every year faithfully and we LOVE them so !!!
(treats AND grandparents both, hehe)
To watch some videos of the 2009 arrival of Sinterklaas follow this link:

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