Friday, February 19, 2010

Spoiled again

I feel blessed, I really have some very special friends.
Eventhough their "thing" is not really Art, but more Craft like patchwork and quilting, they have made such a grand effort choosing my gifts for my Birthday !
They must have spent hours wondering through the Art supply store and gifted me some beautiful Soft Pastels, crayons, palet knives and a Pan Pastel !!!
All this beautifully packed in a box with chocolate hearts
("you have to have hearts on a Valentines Birthday")
and....there even was a voucher !
for me to choose something off my Art wish list.
So today I went and bought some more Pan Pastel colours and some markers.
Again I feel so spoiled ! but I feel wonderful !


faerian said...

very very sweaty over here!!!

malin said...

That´s a fabulous present! I´m green with envy! (but just a little bit, I´m waiting great art stuff too, I hope I get it soon!)