Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Butterfly Project - Effect

Together with all te mermaids at the moment
I have also been working on some other things.
One of them my butterfly for
the Butterfly Project
or hosted as the
Butterfly Effect through Two Dresses Studio
They are aiming to collect 1,500,000 butterflies by June 30-2012
I have a link button at the top left here in my blog, so
if you have some time join this wonderful project !
If you need some encouragement to do so
this video clip
Well without further ado...this is my butterfly, front & back


Diane said...

Joyce, Joyce, Joyce--You're awesome!!

trudi said...

Hi Joyce - I am sitting at my computer desk, with a lump in my throat, and tears swelling in my eyes having just read your letter and opened your package to see your butterfly. It is so moving and poignant and emotive - you've shared a piece of art that does to me what I am inspired to spend my life trying to evoke - human emotion. Bless you for your kindness and for imparting your talents for the world to see.
Initially, I thought - the butterfly represented a child, and now, as I consider it more, I think it may also reflect you and your sadness and sorrow for having grown up in Holland and also after visiting Israel and Yad Vashem. Thank you from me and for all of us who have not only a need but try to find a way to express this visually as a catalyst to end hatred. It's magical to hear a clear and gentle voice through your butterfly. Bless you.