Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two chunkies for Sisi

I made these two chunkies for a "babyshower" at
Borealis Shine - Ning group.
Sisi is one of the creations by S☼l Santiago and she indicated a while ago that Sisi might be pregnant (she has a man in her life you see, his name is Samurai,
and ... so... the babyshower group started.

We all make a page or two in a colourful Zentangle kinda style to fit the original Sisi and Samurai works and then we send them to another group member DebMarie, who wil proffessionally bind them as a prezzie for S☼l
Great isn't it ?
My pages are flying to the States and will be added to the others for the little booklet. Sure hope she'll like them.....


Doone said...

I like them, they are fabulous,


Amy said...

I don't like babies, but i DO like your chunkies.
Me and lime green are good friends :)

Cameron said...

These are wonderful Joyce! So whimsical...love the soft colors and happy designs :)