Sunday, December 23, 2012


Oh I am so excited ! Double excited, see my smile ? Imagine an ear to ear kinda smile :D  * I finished my commission yesterday just in time for Christmas follow this link but also...the book that I have been working on the bookcover illustration for made it to Amazon (Kindle edition) as well !! Yeah !!! So now you can get it just in time and have yourself a great Christmas read ;) Okay the FACTS : the author of this story 
"Guardians of the Shimmer - part 1 - DreamTime
is Garth Lawless this is his first book, the first part in the story of three books in total. He's already writing the second book as we speak. This is young-adult fiction and I loooove the story {obviously I read it....and, okay I am maybe not a "young" adult anymore, allthough inside, you know me, I am still Pippi, haha ...} The edition available for now is on Amazon and is for Kindle {other format coming soon too} And the printed version with more of my illustrations inside is planned for publication in March 2013. He also has some childrenbooks written and still to be illustrated by 'moi', if I keep doing good work....


Manon said...

Well done! Wishing you a merru Christmas and a happy 2013.

Glycérine said...

wow fabulous Joyce, I m so happy for you :)
Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 too..

Cameron said...

Very exciting, indeed! How thrilling! What a wonderful Christmas present :)

Hope you and your family have a fantastic Holiday!!

Much love,