Thursday, March 17, 2011

on a Zetti note :

I did these Zetti squares (4x4 inch not so chunkie chunkies) for a swap,
but had to pull out because of our quake, couldn't get them posted in time.
Still wanted to share them with y'all...
I am still experimenting with Teesha's Zettiology style, I love the look, but find it pretty hard going. Well, as the saying goes:
"practise makes perfect" - I guess I just need to make more of them.


Diane said...

I'm loving these--Zetti with a little Joyce thrown in--a very unique combination! Don't change!!--they stand out from the rest.

kathleen nesi said...

these are fabulous, and don't worry about getting "teesha" joyce style!!! i love them!

Cameron said...

I love that that the eyes are all in common...the sayings are great, too!

You are just so "on the cusp" of everything...didn't know what a chunky was, and am now learning about a Zetti for the first time...haha!