Wednesday, May 04, 2011

dark mood

I don't do this often, because I am a firm believer in positive thinking, but today I am feeling dark and down and I need to moan a bit. I am posting this image of a chunkie I did in September last year. On that 4x4 is an image of a cracked church, it now no longer stands now because of 22/02/11
I drew an angry bat on the roof, maybe that was a hint or a sign ? who knows ? Life is not getting much easier here yet, daily aftershocks and now winter has started, the weather is grotty and wet and the roads are bumpy and full of potholes. Progress to rebuild is so slow, of course, it's an amazing task and nobody ever practises for something like this, I do understand. It just makes you weary and tired, so some days, like today, I find it harder to deal with. I think about the future for the kids and how to make a buck and all I saw today was just grey, dark grey, dark black, so I had to moan a bit. I hope you understand, who ever reads this, and I am sorry, I will have better days again, maybe we have to re-think what to do with our lives.


Tess said...

No need to apologize. Sometimes we just have to get out what is inside to make room for the more positive thoughts/feelings to settle in.

Doone said...

Hey babe - anyone who never feels down is not normal,

we ALL have black days for whatever reasons, so long as the better times come back - that is all,

I have the concept for your four ATCs - if you need to pause never mind - I will make yours and send them over - you can return yours as a swap when you are good and ready.

Distant hugs from here...