Saturday, May 21, 2011

In the Pool

"In the Pool"
well that's the name I gave this little stretched canvas block
Swimming-time is more for the Northern Hemisphere at the moment, we are into Autumn/Winter here.I am going to be at this ↑ Arts & Craft Market next week Saturday so I am finishing off some wip-s and will make a few more things -if I find enough time-

That's a bit the problem at the moment,
I am scattered between 4 different part time jobs and the kids etc. so I have a hard time getting into the "zone" for creativity. But with the circumstances the way they are here right now, I need all those little jobs and I should be lucky I have them, so end of my complaints.Tomorrow I'll go and visit another crafty market, a new one started up, because so many areas are still no-go and one of my friends has a little stall to sell her quilt fabrics, so I will go and check that out as well. It's all good :)


jaci said...

joyce . your blog is filled with great art.. lots of places to go too.. i love it.. :)

Cameron said...

This painting is so cute! Love her adorable swimming cap and her sweet fishy friends! The colors are wonderful!

Sounds like you're keeping busy! I hope you have a wonderful time and lots of success at the Craft Market! Wish I could go :D

Big hugs,