Friday, June 03, 2011

Red Robin

I am doing a few arty things today, so in between the "drying times" of other projects I started playing around with my Letraset ProMarkers in my sketchbook. I haven't used them much yet and want to get a feel of what they can do. So here: a little Red Robin, allthough not really red, because I don't have all the colours


Cameron said...

I was so sad that I was having trouble leaving you comments before :( But it seems Blogger is fixed (for now) Yay!!!

I love to see everything that you do...this sweet little bird is no exception!

I have to tell you that image of Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole has stayed with me....we might need to talk...I have an idea I need to run by you :)

Keep doing what you do...we'll keep loving it!

Joyce van der Lely said...

thanks Cameron ! You are always kind leaving comments on my posts :)
I will pm you about your idea ♥