Thursday, June 02, 2011

Where do I go ?

My head is spinning with thoughts and ideas and uncertainties and doubts, but also a neverending curiosity for what's about to come and where will I be going ?
I feel a little like Alice when she falls down the tree, this theme I once used to start making a series of ATC's that still remain a W.I.P. to this day. Maybe I should finish them and find out where I'll be taken next ?


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Definitely! :)

Doone said...

oh crapola - horrid week - didn't post your atcs yet - will do it tomorrow lunch or `friday, i think it takes a couple of weeks to get over to NZ,

have you ever ridden rapids? the whirlpools are frighteningly magnificent, woo hoo what a will spit you out the other end - and you will need to dry off and redo your hair - but Hon you really are a survivor so it will be okay...try to catch your breath is all...