Thursday, July 07, 2011

Playing Peek a Boo at the shipyard

A journal spread I did recently in my Coptic while tossing with some ideas and techniques - I intend to make a litte poem to go on the right page. I got inspired by all the shipping containers that are being brought to my area at the moment. We'll have about 400 all up, walls of them.

They are put there to protect our village suburb and our houses from the falling rocks from the hills and cliffs around. I understand that, but I really do not like them, getting through the village is becoming a sort of a peek a boo game and apparently they are here to stay for quite some time, because they just don't know what to do with these hills and everytime we have a half decent aftershock more comes falling down.


Phoenix Peacock said...

ooo goodness, falling rocks terrify me. I hope the Earth settles down for you sometime soon.
The page is fantastic. I love the patterns on her face!

Doone said...

well, not a nice kind of inspiration, but it provoked some amazing art,

the poetry may come with safer times?


Anonymous said...

I really like the page - her face art makes here really stand out! Your work is just beautiful Joyce!
Beth P

Cameron said...

Her face is mysterious and an unanswered question....