Friday, July 01, 2011

A Thread Book

I have made a few little 120x210 mm "Thread" books,
basically they have one signature of nice thick creamy drawing paper sewn with a pink pearl thread into a sturdy cover that I sketched and painted. This one is a Red and Cream version with a Unicorn on the front There are 24 pages for thoughts, desires, exploits, sketches or whatever. Available on my Etsy


Cameron said...

Look at the luscious Uni face!! Those eyelashes are gorgeous!

Maybe you can offer a course on how to make one of those books? I'd love to learn!
Beautiful, Joyce :D

Ira said...

Weer helemaal geweldig Joyce. Ja, zou wat zijn als je cursus kon geven maar dan hier....

Tammie Lee said...

I am happy that you shared this here, for that is how I found it. I love your unicorn and will treasure filling this book with art and poetry. Thank you!

Doone said...

I am about to post my most wondrous ATC's - Joyce they are so lovely they made me cry,

I really cannot choose a favorite, I love love love the mermaid and the blue unicorn just because the colours are so fantastic as well as perfect composition, but also the golden desert flower is sooo sexy, and Forest babe is the cutest,

thank you so very much,

pluggin you big time on my blog,

hope things are relatively stable in Christchurch at the moment and hopefully you have water and light and heat.

Big thank you hugs,

donna x

Theresa said...

So very lovely Joyce! Just discovered you from Doone. What a treat!