Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Muse

Pippi Longstocking or Pippi Långstrump has been my muse, even my alter ego for quite a while. I was Pippi when I was 9 years old and won the first prize on a dress up party (see picture on te right here, yes that is me !) I used to watch Pippi programs and I still love to see them. I never get tired of her adventures and I love her free spirit and her endless positivity. She can take on the world, so at the moment I need some of the here are a couple of Pippi's I have done....just to get me in the mood and then I will put on a DVD and watch some episodes again, channel her joy and gutsiness. TjollaHopp !!


Brenda Figueroa said...

Joyce I love your art is so so pretty and inspiring I love Pipi Longstocking ever since I was a child too...! I even have a doll that I wanted to paint too...super cute!!! I remember you and your paintings from several of our mutual online/ning classes

Tammie said...

these are so very cute!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, great work. I always loved Pippi Langkous ; )
Have a great day.

Cameron said...

I loved how Pippi was self-sufficient, living with her monkey and horse happily ready for any adventure! These are just so cute!

I'm sending you big hugs!

Ira said...

I have always loved Pippi as well, even got a doll from St. Nicholas once!!! Luckily the boys used to love her as well and since a couple of months V. also loves her:-) ("Pippi is zo sterk mama, dat wil ik ook wel zijn!")