Sunday, November 27, 2011

Introducing - A Portrait - A Challenge

Hehe, I finally did it ! I made a videO !
Now I had a reason, or many reasons for it.
First of all, it had been brewing for a while, I just never had enough courage to start. But somehow this particular question from someone about if and why I had never done a self portrait before (well ....hellOOO ?!!!) set this all in motion. I suddenly thought, what the .. ? I can do this, I don't care what others will think or say and so what, if the portrait is not what I want it to look like or even not what I look like, I had  a good play and same goes for the video. It might not be all THAT, but learning how-to is so much FUN !! I hope you all enjoy it as well. Be BRAVE !!


Cameron said...

OMG, Joyce!!!! You are sooo cute!!! I loved seeing you....hearing you....sharing in your lovely new portrait....and helping to celebrate your bravery!!!
The portrait is excellent btw! Is that your reflection in your eye?
Your are just adorable....and what a pretty place to put your art desk! Wonderful light :)
Can't wait to see more....absolutely!!

Biggest hugs,

amy said...




Diane said...

Yes! I LIKE! I'm so happy to "see" you--I loved this--more videos soon!!

Thanks for sharing a part of your world!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see you and to hear your voice, Joyce ! I think that you could sing as well.
The portrait came out beautiful, I love it.

Carmen said...

happy clapping this end! Gorgeous portrait - wow you got your smile perfectly! I love that style you do with all the black and then the explosion of colour.

Lovely to see you! More please :D

Flowermouse Design said...

Simply amazing. The portrait is so special and it is really you. Gosh, I loved your video and this post. Best in a long time!!!

Blissful Pumpkin said...

Joyce, Joyce, Joyce! Loved your first video. I hope you make more. Great portrait also.
Kyles =D

Manon said...

Helemaal te gek!!!!!

Wendy said...

hey there Joyce... great to see you. I look forward to more videos. Your portrait is very cool too! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG Joyce,
You are so cute :D It is nice to finally see you and hear you! Fabulous job on the video...more please!
Beth P

Doone said...

my friends in life class asked me why I don't paint/draw myself - I said because I cannot sit still, then I realised our life models don't either and I draw them!!!!

I will post my portrait in suzi land tomorrow,


Art Expression said...

Wow...nice video and beautiful self portrait = )