Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nixie ♥ Mail

Today I got a lovely surprise in the mailbox :)
Nolwenn's Nixie print arrived in a gorgeous envelope FULL of stamps :) ....I couldn't wait to open it...it said "Awesome Joyce " - how awesome is that ? and once I opened it ... "Amelia" said "hello!"
but wait ... there was more ... there was an extra surprise too ! I could already smell the marvelous scent of beeswax....Oh, how I love that smell. Wanna know what ? She included an original ! Thank you thank you Nolwenn (Merci beaucoup), this is a real treat, very very generous ♥ So ... anybody that has not read why I received this generous gift, read here or here about this and do check out Nolwenn's Nixies !!!! They are very special little girls ♥


Diane said...

LOVE!! What a great story behind this too!

Cameron said...

Can't have enough beautiful art around or be called awesome enough in life...heehee!!!