Friday, February 03, 2012

Pshychedelic speed sketching ;o)

I uploaded another speed sketching video the other day, this time a quick charcoal 3/4 portrait

I also made another cute, weird, funky animal. "SaY WHAT ! said the Psychedelic caT" is what I called him. It's amazing how wonderful freeing it feels to crawl into the body of an animal and shake off your feelings by drawing them. Clears up the psychedelic mind, hehe !



Cameron said...

A wonderland cat, perhaps.....cousin to the elusive Chess?!
I'm loving your videos.....doing a profile like on your last set is still on my To Do list!
This one is great, too! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Lisa Graham Art said...

That cat is about the funnest creation I've seen all adorable and crazy!

Lisa Graham Art said...

I watched the make 3/4 view look so easy. I will have to practice this for sure in my sketchbook. Thanks for sharing are such a good artist!