Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some good ol' legs

Finished FAirY
Rather fitting as my own knee locked up a few times again and doesn't feel so good {softly said} at the moment. Nothing a bit of Counterpain cream and knee band cannot fix - hopefully, it's an old injury come-back :( - Well nevermind this, the good message I want to share is: a little while ago I thrifted 4 beaut old tablelegs 
aren't they just delish ?
the leGs !
  Anyway, I have started to turn them into dolls :) ONE is finished so far, a Cloth +Clay Gritty kind of TabLeleG-FloweR-fAirY, Another one's head is waiting to dry and 2 others are in the earlier wip stages. They are fun to make, take more time than I thought {but what art/craft doesn't ?} but all worth it in the end for me :)
have a look and if you feel like it, make one too !!!
head and petals on

first paint stage


Manon said...

She is wonderful and I am so pleased you like dollies too! Your poor old knee, look after it. Too much sport?

Cameron said...

What a neat idea, Joyce....such happy little flowers to have sprouting from any space needing some cheer!

Sorry about the knee, though....sheesh, getting old sucks sometimes, eh?

Rachel said...

Ooo these are lovely, I can imagine a few of them all bunched together like a flower patch.