Saturday, August 18, 2012

Loving Wax

Just as the title indicates, I LOVE {bees}wax / encaustics, hmmmmmmm ;) I am experimenting, learning, waiting on more supplies to come, impatient, trying, melting, making ... I have been using beeswax as a topcoat for quite some time now, so I know how to move wax around and what it does, and what it can hold. I never did much with coloured wax though and these first trials are surely not all good yet and I'd probably be better of waiting for my coloured encaustics to arrive really. But I'll share with you what I have been fooling around with so far. A journal page with a transfer on one side and a matiching tree in melted oilcrayons on the other side, a little Pippi portrait of course {she grew up a bit, her pigtails are down this time} and a sample chart if you will for me to have as a reference using different pigments with the waxmedium. More to come so stay tuned, and check out Jane DeRosier's the Trodden Path's Loving Wax !


Angela said...

It's so hard to wait when you want to play with a new technique, lol. These are really lovely! I've not worked with wax but have had it on my "want to try" list for a while :-)

Anniek said...

They are all lovely!! I have a pack of encaustic beeswax which I haven't used yet. I wanted to use them for a Suzi Blu workshop but never got to it.