Saturday, August 25, 2012


I am tired today, but I did play with some new pencils I got this week. They are graphite pencils with a hint of colour and they are water soluble too. I like them ! and I think they fit great with the liquid graphite I have too. I did a little colour chart for my future reference and a little sketch. She looks "southern" and I can hear music softly playing...and she ended up doing exactly what I need....a little nap after hard work, maybe I will put my feet up and close my eyes a bit's been a hectic week somehow


Lisa Graham Art said...

I just love her Joyce. Her face is so sweet and her hair so soft and her clothing so subtle and delicate. I never knew there were colored graphite pencils.

Cameron said...

You are able to execute such a dreamy softness in your work.....always so beautiful!!

Get a little shuteye! I know how hard you work :)

Tammie Lee said...

she is lovely
the colors are wonderful
if they are Derwent, i have them also and experience them to be a wonderful group of colors.
hope you get the rest you need.