Monday, November 19, 2012

Flock of Angels

I love languages and I can start on little journeys when I am not certain which word to use for certain things, Like this one: What does one call a group of Angels, Drift-Angels to be precise ? Because the driftwood originates from the sea, do we call them a shoal or a school ? or, because they fly, do we call them a flock ? I go for the latter I think. This pondering aside, in time for Christmas shopping, I delivered a flock of Drift-Angels to Turners Gallery in Te Puna today, together with the horses and an abstract. If you're in the area, do pay them a visit, I saw loads of gorgeous things.
Happy Xmas shopping ♥

1 comment:

Cameron said...

Ughhh....the horses?! I LOVE those horses! I wish I was in a position to snatch them both up....
Aw well....someone should....they are gorgeous!!

As to your sweet angels, the flock is diverse and gorgeous....and inspiring! May need to try my hand ;)