Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Special frame times two !

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Somebody asked me if I would sell Madame Zborowska. Yes I would, the little problem -if you want to call it so- was that I had painted Daffne on the back of the cloth on another layer of plaster ;) So....I came up with this frame, a spin on a floating frame, but this one makes it possible to enjoy both sides or one side today and another tomorrow (or change with the seasons, Daffne looks more like Spring or Summer and Mme Zborowska more like Autumn/Winter ) So these ladies in their special frame are 34 cm square (= approx. 13.5 inch square) and the price is US 155.- + p&h. 
Great gift for Christmas !  I you like them, message me


Art Play Today said...

Love your frame idea! It's beautiful!

Cameron said...

YOu are so clever!