Friday, January 25, 2013

just a thought

Yesterday while I was walking on a beach { I walk many beaches nowadays: Eastcoast, westcoast, whenever and wherever we are } The kids enjoy playing in the surf -it's summer here you know- and I wander the coastline in search for driftwood. Sometimes I find a lot of nice pieces, sometimes there is not so much or only small yesterday I was thinking that the ocean decides what I get on that particular day. I feel the ocean to be a male and he provides for me, whatever I seem to need. I thought how strange it has happened that when I was stuck and full of selfdoubt yet again, I suddenly started to see these Angels appear in the driftwood. Not all the pieces I pick up work, often I look at them and see nothing, or I think I see a beginning and hold a piece for a while, walk with it, feel it and I still decide to give it back to the sea. Funny thing though that when I ask others, they don't always see the sea, the ocean as a man. Some say she is a woman....but for me, he is a man {well, I think most often he is} and here is a little love he gave me a couple of weeks ago ♥

Oh, and more Angels and Mermaidens are on "Angels at my Table"

Salty Kisses and sandy toes ;)


Jeanette House said...

Now you've really got me thinking - sometimes I feel the ocean is masculine and sometimes feminine. I don't know if that's down to how I feel at the time, or down to the "mood" of the ocean. I'm jealous though - I would love to live by the sea and walk the beach whatever the weather or season. I love and fear the ocean in equal measures but it always calls to me. x

Joyce van der Lely said...

Thank you, I love the ocean, always have, I am an Aquarius of course, love to swim and used to scubadive (in the good $$ times..) I think I need to be close to the sea always somehow, I love the sound of the waves and the smell and the sand. I feel he's masculin. Salty Kisses xxxx {and sandy toes ;)

Cameron said...

Finding treasure full of love.....perfect!
We had rain all day yesterday, and I loved it. We don't get too many days like that around here.
Enjoy your Summer, my Friend, it seems the Ocean King appreciates your visits :)