Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ange Noir ~ the dark One

Ange Noir 58 x 12 cm 
I finally got my hands on the perfect piece of driftwood for the dark Angel, I call her "Ange Noir" {French for Black Angel} just because it sounds so wonderful like that. I adore her, really happy with how she turned out.


A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Joyce
I love this dark angel. What a beautiful concept for a mixed media piece. My sister (Rebecca Howell Gibson, also on 'the trodden path) and I have been searching high and low for a vintage angel illustration/oil painting with an angel (male in appearance) who has a helmet with wings on like the mythical Mercury. He may also have wings on his feet, and I do believe he has angel wings too. He is rescuing or helping a woman in deep distress, she may even be dying. We have both looked high and low doing search after search on the internet with no success on angels images. The painting is done is darker tones. My sister does have a copy that I sent to her over two years ago but I did not keep the source and have not found it again.
Oh well. Someday we will find it I am sure.
Hope you are enjoying a good beginning for the New Year.
Teresa in California

Joyce van der Lely said...

Thank you Teresa ! Mercury does not have wings on his back, on his helmet and feet yes. Is your painting image with just 1 female figure ? Why not have Rebecca post the image at Trodden, maybe somebody will recognise the origin !

Carmen said...

She is gorgeous Joyce! Did you burn her lower half to get that colour or is she painted. Love her.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow...you should be happy with this...very cool! The whole piece of wood kind of looks like a hand.

Anniek said...

She's beautiful!!! I'm still in love with my cute angel from your hand that is still hanging in my living room!

Wendy said...

Your "dark angel" is absolutely AWESOME Joyce! I think this one is definately my fav of all your angels! She is perfect!