Saturday, October 19, 2013

things just keep happening !

Things haven't been quiet or boring after the mural competition in Katikati (see previous post)  Straight after I had a full week of busy busy kids-school-holiday classes at the studio AND looking for another house for us to call home. Then the new schoolterm started this week with all the regular classes starting (7 all in all and, yes, thanks we found a home, so now we are packing seriously !) 

Last night saw the grand opening of the Incubator in the Historic village 
(you know where I helped painting the Day of the Dead piano a few weeks ago - see post HERE too) I hope the photos will be posted soon, it was awesome ! There was music, drums, fire poi dancing, the place was buzzing !!! My painting "Specimen#14" is in their first exhibition called "Cell division" Check it out !

Today I will be packing a big box of mainly driftwood goodies to go over to my friends workshop gallery "Off the Bench" again for next long weekend 
  which means I need to seriously start making new ones for my own studio/gallery. If you are in NZ and are looking for some, check out the stockists list HERE Also I will be delivering my "Rosalita" to Lightwave Gallery today. She will be part of their Day of the Dead Exhibit (to open Thursday 24th, yes that is next week already !) No rest for the wicked huh ? Will try to keep you all updated with all the latest news, because more is brewing...


Cameron said...

Oh busy, busy!

I don't know how you do it....the energy you must have!

How exciting to have so many of your pieces going on exhibit!

I've always loved "Rosalita", too :)

Best wishes in all your endeavors...and the move. Moving is so much work!

Super duper big hugs to you and the family!

DogsMom said...

I guess I can not complain about my to- do list!
Congratulations on a new home.