Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I lost all the images to my blog due to a glitch somehow. :( It will take me so much time to re-upload them all that I have decided to start a new blog and leave this for what it is. 
Having just moved houses and still unpacking boxes (sigh) I have decided to start de-cluttering my life both in real life and on line. I am aiming to take at least little steps each and every day towards this goal.....The first step is consolidating the amount of sites I keep. So this particular blog I will end and keep going HERE Thank you all for having been following me on this site and I hope you will come over to the other place :D
(also.....I lost all my images from this blog for some mysterious reason and don't have the time and energy to start putting them all back in the old posts, sorry....)

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Cameron said...

That's the part I hate about moving....packing and unpacking...aaarrrggghhh!!

It will be so nice to have everything organized and streamlined, though....after a while :)

Big, big hugs!