Sunday, August 02, 2009

"La Donna Botticelli Blu" ~ Moleskine Spread in Mixed Media

Dare to Dream.

Dare to dream of far off lands,

Dream of deserts, covered in sand.

Dream of rainforests, trees high above

Dream of finding your one true love.

Dare to dream of lies or the truth,

Dream of never losing your youth.

Dream of battles, dream of a spark.

Dream of light, a light in the dark.

Dare to dream of fighting and sadness,

Dream of men, succumbed to madness.

Dream of warmth and heat and flame,

Dream that your life is just a game.

Dare to dream of hate and mistrust,

Dream of all that’s true and just.

Dream of drowning, drowning in the sea,

Dare to dream of dreaming, yes dare to dream with me.



Zinnia said...

You did an outstanding job!Wow! Look at that soft face, and the beautiful hair. Lips, and eyes! Just a gorgeous work of art! Well done!!!!!! oxoxoxxo Cristina

malin said...

Hi Joyce! I love your finished spread, and the poem is beautiful, is it yours? I´m not that familiar with blogspot, even though it´s a lot easier to change than mine, where I have to fiddle around with html coding. I have a great place, where I can find lots of things when I want to customize my blog, and I´m sure there are tons of how-to blogs for blogspot too. I found one while looking for backgrounds,, but just google! You can look if there´s somewhere on the layout section where you can change the width, there you can just play with the pixels. I´m sure you´ll work it out!

malin said...

PS! You´ve made it really hard to comment on your blog if I don´t have one of the blog hotels you´ve listed. My blog is still on!

Colette said...