Monday, October 11, 2010

Tangled Maids

These are Chunkies, the challenge was Black and White
I thought this was a nice opportunity to do some
Zentangle practice


Diane said...

Ahhh--just so good!!

Iris said...

Really love them! I think the fact that they're in B&W really brings out their lines and intricacies.

GardenDesigner said...

So cute!!! Thanks for commenting on my ART TRUCK!! LOL MORE WORKING ON IT TODAY!.... needs MORE GLITTER! I signed up as a follower on networked blogs too! Nice to "Meet You! "


Jane said...

I love these as much as your colorful mermaids....and that's saying a lot, because I am loving the colorful mermaids ALOT!,,,,,
I had never heard of zentangle before seeing you do lots?

Janine said...

LOL! Joyce, yours are wonderful! Yes, I think they are related! Thanks for sharing!