Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Murky Waters Nixie

A digital play as preview to my "Murky Waters Nixie"
I will have to photograph her tomorrow with daylight.
I am not an aquarel expert by all means, but I did this one on watercolourpaper with watercolour paint and pencils and then I added inks, stamps, acrylics, glaze, more watercolouir paint and at last some Golden glass bead gel which I covered with some more diluted sparkly paints.
She is my "Halloween" project for this year,
since I am all submerged with the water sprites.....


Doone said...

beautiful, truely beautiful

Kristin said...

Beautiful, etherial work - so happy to have found you through Willowing's class - and looking forward to more as I am now a "Follower!" Kristin xo