Monday, January 17, 2011

Surprises and Fun things !

There are a few nice things that have happened
and that I want to share with you all.
I got my first Blog Award !
Thanks to Darlene Pringle / the Dancing Mango
♥ Thanks Darlene ! I feel very special :-)
So the thing about receiving this award is that I have to spill 10 things about myself that some of you don't know, so.......
1- That Pippi Longstocking in the sidebar is me
(when I was a bit younger)

2- I was born on the other side of te globe from where I now live
3- I have one sister
(on the other side of the world and I miss her)

4- I speak 4 languages and can understand
and talk a little in a few more

5- I love scuba diving
6- I am an Aquarius
7- and a Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac (you do the maths)
8- I love spicy food
9- and have a sweeth tooth
10-I have 2 adorable kids

also I get to nominate 7 creative blogs for this award
mind you I could nominate many more, there are so many lovely blogs around, but these are a few of my favs, so yes I am nominating 8...
My Art Journal - Diane Salter
Milda Malin - Malin Walkeby
For the love of little things - Jane Davenport

Borealis Shine -
Sol Santiago
Doings of Doone -
Donna Louise Rogers
Ottilias Veranda -
Eva-Liisa Eriksson
MegansCreativeBliss -Megan Suarez
Journey of a Mermaid - Goog G

Each of you can pick up your AWARD and post it to you blog, linking it back to me and tell ten things about yourself we did not know.. then choose 7 blogs of your choice.
Thank you.. Enjoy my friends..

another great thing that happened was that my folks came to visit
(yes from the other side of the world)
I found out about the Strathmore FREE online workshop
(Pam Carriker's Visual Journaling class)
by reading Jane Davenport's blog entry about this workshop,
so I signed up, yeah !
and I am so very much looking forward to starting with that class
And so the new year has hardly started
and I am already looking for that "Time-Tree"
(ummmmm, that "Money Tree" would be great too hahaha)
anybody has the seeds for a tree like that, or knows where to acquire them?
But hey, go check out some of the blogs I nominated, it's awards time !!!!


Diane said...

Oh Thanks so much Joyce for this award--and such a compliment coming from you--you are one of my favorite artists. And congrats to you for receiving the award from one Aquarius to another :)

Doone said...

Aw thank you - I have received this award and have blogged it - but thank you so much and I keep telling people to come see your fabulous work - i start Tam's magical mythical makings course today - so watch out I will be doing UNICORNS yay!!!!

I really will sort out a link to you right now....


malin said...

thanks joyce! I really appreciate it! ♥

Goog said...

I can't believe out of a million creative blogs you could have picked that I get to be one of the seven!! Yay!

Rina said...

Congrats on your blog award!!!

Christine said...

your blog award is well deserved :)

i enjoyed getting to know you and had fun blog surfing

ps - i like you background, shows off you artwork

Anonymous said...

Well, at first I thought it was a joke... I had to join my thoughts.
I'm also surfing for a nice background and time to do everything my blog needs inorder to deserve this so welcomed award.
Thank you JOyce, It matters, you are very special girl!