Sunday, January 02, 2011

Contemplating..........................Nature vs Nurture...

Here's the latest journal entry in my Mermaid Journal/Sketchbook
I've been working on this one off and on for a little bit now
and I think I finished her
She is thinking about beliefs about drawing and art
and about Nature vs Nurture
... or...
does someone have a gift for creativity
or can it be nurtured /taught ?

I have written in her hair:
every spot part of my shadow~
every line it's own meaning~
HOW could an Artist live without ?""My first Art teacher in Highschool wrote in my poetry booklet:
If one wants to draw, one does not need to have talent
but curiosity and warm attention for everything around"So I used a small copy of this on my right page, to remember this.


Diane said...

Ahhh-such beauty,and thank God for people like your art teacher!!

Sanna F said...

What a beautiful page!!!!!

Natalie said...

Joyce this is Beautiful! Her face is so serene and the colors are soft and calming. Wonderful as usual... xoxox