Thursday, February 17, 2011

♥ One World ♥ One Heart ♥ 2011

This is's the 17th !
(well at least here DownUnder it's just past Midnight and so....the 17th.)
Here is my finished doorprize,
she now has
inks, paints, coloured pencils, gesso, stamps,
stencils, collage, a tiny bit of glitz, glass bead gel and beeswax
and here she is:

I am going to have some zzzzz's now
and then I will do the draw on Thursday night
exciting !
Thanks to everyone who left such wonderful comments
and have decided to become my friends and followers
It's been a great ride and I am so sad that this is the last
One World One Heart
But keep posted.... for te winner will be revealed tonight !!!


Cameron said...

She is fantastic! How exciting!!!

AZviaTx said...

The artpiece turned out remarkable. Is the chop your personal character? I have always felt those lend such a dramatic air to a signature. Get some sleep! We'll be here waiting!! Tina

Downunderdale said...

thanks for visiitng me at the last drop!

Fiona Whitehead said...

Oh she's gorgeous - a real treasure - hope I'm lucky x