Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Fab Frogs

I have a thing for frogs,
I did one in the 'FrogPrince' and in
'Some day my Prince will come'
so when I saw this swap at,
I just had to join, now didn't I ?

I feel I can keep going with these heart-throbs (hehe)
I mean, I only did the green guys this time, there are so many more I can do...

For the swap


Tess said...

Adorable little frogs. I love the cross-eyes one.

Colleen said...

Joyce!!! WOW.....I just went trhough your blogs...BEAUTIFUL inspiring painting...the faces of your "girls" gosh...i want to make a doll of all of them!!! and I LOVE THAT you DID PIPI longstocking and have that cool photo of her...that was my all time favorite tv sister and I would search for Pipi movies on saturday mornings!! Thanks for made my morning! Colleen

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh, I LOVE your sweet frogs. You did a lovely job. All of their expressions are priceless. Enjoy the swap! Theresa

AZviaTx said...

Fantastico! Froggies are "purdy"! Ask any Princess!

Cameron said...

They are so adorable! Y'know...I love your work so much.....would you ever be interested in doing a trade or a creation for the other? Just a thought...teehee ;)

Diane said...

BIG BIG smiles from me :)