Saturday, June 23, 2012

La Mer ~ an upcycled book

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front of book - pre drawings
one of the spreads - pre drawings
I received some art supplies last week and they stuffed brown paper in the box to keep the items from moving around, I have a hard time throwing away good paper, so I thought to use this for a try-out project. I thought I could have the kids make something like this maybe, but then again, maybe it is a little too time consuming for them, maybe if we just did 2 or 3 pages. Well anyway, I finished mine and wanted to show you. It's kind of a twist on Carla's junkmail booklet {that I am currently also working on btw} So I have used brown paper in different sizes, just ripped at the edges, layered it to make it look old {this took quite some time, coating both sides a few times and the drying in between} and I thought I'd like to theme the images and since the colours and the texture made me think about the ocean, I made it all deep sea related. So the trick is that every pages images continue with their lines into the next page, where those lines make up different images again, it's like a puzzle {and this also takes some time and patiences and going back and forth} So much FUN ! Oh, and of course there also is a Mermaid :)


Tammie Lee said...

this is quite wonderful. i have a hard time throwing paper away too. I have a bunch right now... thinking of ironing it and using it as a dust shield behind framed pieces instead of buying a fresh roll of paper. Yours is much more charming and creative.

Anniek said...

This looks like a fun project to make!! I'm also having a hard time to throw away good paper!

Natasha said...

I sense Dick Blick visited! I always keep the brown paper from those orders as well! I love this book, and the idea of matching lines. Stunning, and a good school holiday project for my wee ones! :)