Friday, June 22, 2012

Rhythm of my ♥

This is bragging, I know.... 
this is one of my few non-art related posts. 
This one is just to say that I am pretty proud of my little man. 
Since our big move at the end of last year, he has managed to conquer his shyness and entered his second talent-quest, now at Intermediate. 
He made it to the final again and this show was a 2+ hours evening show with a packed hall. Eeeek ! Maybe I was more nervous for him than he was in the end ? And eventhough he did not come first, I am immensely proud of him. And because we share these things with overseas family, we uploaded his performance, so now you can see him too, enjoy :)



Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow he's amazing!

Anniek said...

Great performance!!

Natasha said...

No wonder you are proud, he looked so in the zone up there. Well done him! And I love his hair! :)