Monday, October 15, 2012

Modigliani play and a daffodil

after Modigliani's Madame Zborowska

' Daffne ' - girl with daffodil in her hair
Yesterday, the last day of the schoolholidays and eventhough the weather was not super, the kids wanted to go to the beach, so we did. And it was great, there was a strong seabreeze, I combed the beach for some choice driftwood and it really cleared my head. At night I made these two little portraits, one girl with a daffodil in her hair and another a play on Modigliani's Madame Zborowska. Both done in Fresco style, plaster of Paris on cotton calico substrates. After Saturday's debacle, they at least gave me back the feeling that I could make somehing worth looking at again.


Lisa Graham Art said...

I am so happy you feel better's hard when the creative blahs hit. These are fabulous (I LOVE Modigliani and did a rendering of his "Marie" once). And I must say Old Bird in the post previous just makes me fun!!

Kim Henkel said...

Both are so beautiful.

Cameron said...

They say saltwater is healing....either tears or glad it was the second one for you this time :)

I love your fresco style! Now that I've had an opportunity to see it up close, it's even more spectacular!